Friday, January 2, 2009

Just B Cos

This recipe is inspired by Gillian McKeith's Sleepy Lettuce Soup (You Are What You Eat recipe book). But of course, mine is brilliant.
This soup is meant to be eaten as a late night snack, as lettuce has calming, relaxing qualities. But Gillian's soup has white potatoes, garlic and onions and no sweet potatoes. The white potatoes will raise your blood sugar and the garlic and onions will keep you up all night with indigestion. Though I'm sad to skip the garlic, as I love it. Sweet potatoes just give the soup such a lovely flavour, which is wonderful.
Tonight is a freezing cold summer night in Melbourne and I enjoyed this soup while sobbing over a heartwrenching episode of Adoption Stories. It has made me sleepy and very warm. So I will be off to bed after blogging this.

So here is my version of lettuce soup:

1/4 of a large gold sweet potato, or 1 whole standard sweet potato
rice bran oil, or oil of your choice.
2-3 tbsp of millet meal
1 vege stock cube (I use the swiss ones in the health food section)
1 baby cos lettuce.


Cut up the sweet potato and cook gently in some rice bran oil with the crushed up stock cube for 5 mins.
Add one cup of boiling water and 2-3 tbsp of millet meal, depending on how thick you want the soup. 3 tbsp is quite thick.
Turn heat down low and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Add ripped up and well washed baby cos lettuce for about a minute or 2, until all wilted and soft.
Whizz up with your blender or handmixer and you're done.

A healthy late night snack! Serves 2.

P.S. I just discovered that if you make this with Macadamia oil instead of rice oil, and besan flour instead of millet then the soup will taste even more incredible :)
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